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Fan & Filter Cleaning Essex


We will conduct a full survey and risk assessment of your Kitchen and extraction fan and filter system and provide a free quotation to complete the work. In addition we will identify any need for additional access panel installation, which will enable all sections of the ducting, fan and extraction to be satisfactorily cleaned.


Providing a 24/7 service to fit your schedule. All work undertaken is carried out by fully qualified engineers. A certificate of hygiene is issued after every full clean, which will count as proof that work has been carried out for both insurance and legal purposes.


Fan Cleaning


Why is Extractor Fan Cleaning Necessary?

Many people underestimate how important is extractor cleaning to minimize the amount of microscopic grease particles settling onto your kitchen surfaces. You extractor fan could also become noisier and less efficient if it’s blocked with dirt and grease. It is recommended to clean your extractor at least every 3 months.


A correctly maintained Extraction Fan has many benefits

• Safe and comfortable temperature for work

• Safe noise level – appropriate level of communication

• Prolonged lifespan

• Reduced vulnerability – (70% of kitchen fires start in the extraction canopies/ductwork)

• Eco friendly business

• To comply with insurance & fire regulations

• Filter cleaning


Having your Filters professionally cleaned enhance not only the performance of the filters but also longevity of their functionality.


We will remove your filters and clean them to a nearly new condition, thus saving you money now and In the Long term.


According to the B&ES, baffle filters are the most effective, durable and safe filters to use within extract canopies. Baffle filters comprise a number of interlocking vanes, which when assembled form a two-pass grease removal device.


These filters are fabricated entirely from stainless steel. They are far more effective than mesh filters, which have a limited life and therefore need replacing more frequently. Mesh filters should only be used as a secondary method of grease extraction.


We clean all types of kitchen filters such as mesh, baffle, stainless steel , aluminium etc. Dirty and greasy filters will seriously affect the performance of your kitchen extract system; we can also provide new filters. Grease extraction duct work if not kept clean poses a Substantial Fire Risk.


Grease is a potential fuel for a fire to spread throughout an extract system and into other areas of the building.


The London Fire Brigade sources report that there is a kitchen extract ductwork fire on average every 9 days in Greater London alone, and insurers may not always pay a claim if the duct system was found to be the cause of the fire spreading. Especially if it could be demonstrated that the system was not properly cleaned in accordance with their policy conditions or warranties


What Does The Law Say?


B&ES (formerly HVCA) TR/19 Section 7

The need for specialist cleaning of extract systems will depend on the level of usage of the cooking equipment, types and quantity of cooking and other risk factors such as vulnerability of the systems to ignition and of the building and its occupant/user to system fire, hygiene, vermin and mechanical hazards.


Reasons for cleaning:

• It is a legal requirement

• Removes grease deposits

• Reduces carbon

• Reduces risk of fire

• Lower insurance premium

• Authority requirements

• Essential hygiene

• Protection of rodent

• Remove/stop smells

• Improve the image of your business


How Often Is Fan And Filter Cleaning Needed?

Frequency of cleaning as recommended by HVCA TR/19


A planned, regular ventilation, ductwork, vent, fan and filter cleaning programme undertaken by Essex ventilation hygiene specialists will help to satisfy this law and minimise the most common cause of fires within commercial catering establishments.


Regular, programmed system cleaning is essential to minimise the risk of fire outbreaks and bacterial growth, which could pose a serious threat to your kitchen environment.


Food Hygiene Compliance

All food businesses will get a rating from five stars to no stars, which will represent the combined score for compliance with food hygiene and safety. Essex Ventilation Hygiene Specialists can help you to achieve up to 5 stars. Please see the scores on the doors web site for more information.



Why Choose Us


• All operatives are trained by the European school of ductwork cleaning and hygiene AEME

• We are a fully accredited and certified company

• HVCA, TR19 registered cleaning company

• A certificate of hygiene is issued after every full clean

• All work undertaken is carried out by fully qualified and uniformed engineers

• Deep cleaning of kitchen canopies, filters, ductwork and fans

• Pre and post-clean photographic records

• Detailed method statements and risk assessments

• Cleaning undertaken at any time, day or night, to suit your operation.

• Kitchen Extraction Filter Service

• All work will be carried out in a clean & tidy manner with minimum disruption

• Advice and Guidance regarding policies and laws


Free Quotations

24hr Callout

We offer a full 24 hour emergency callout service.

If, for any reason, your extraction system develops a problem that could be cleaning related, we'll come straight out to deal with it, day or night, 24 hours a day.



Specialist Cleaning Services

We provide specialist cleaning service to:


• Kitchens

• Canteens

• Hospitals

• Restaurants

• Pubs

• Takeaways

• Food preparation areas

• Schools - all staff are CRB checked

• Care homes

• Cafés, bars & bistros

• Hotels

• Golf & Sports clubs

• Shops


Completion of Work

On completion of work you will be provided with the following information


• A certificate of hygiene the systems cleaned pre-clean measurements [using wet film  thickness gauge]

• Post clean measurements [using wet film  thickness gauge]

• Pre and post clean photographic evidence

• Additional works carried out i.e. Access panels being fitted

• Any recommendations for future cleaning requirements.




Effective Kitchen Ventilation Systems

The objectives of an effective kitchen ventilation system are to:


• Remove cooking fumes at source, i.e. at the appliance;

• Remove excess hot air and bring in cool, clean air, so the working environment is comfortable. Inadequate ventilation can cause stress, contributing to unsafe systems of work and high staff turnover;

• Make sure that the air movement in the kitchen does not cause discomfort, e.g. From strong draughts;

• Provide enough air for complete combustion at fired appliances, and prevent the risk of carbon monoxide accumulating;

• Be easy to clean, avoiding build-up of fat residues and blocked air inlets, which lead to loss of efficiency and increased risk of fire;

• Be quiet and vibration free.


Contact us any time and we will be happy to answer any of your queries on how to maintain the cleanliness of your extract ventilation system.


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